Thursday, August 28, 2008

Excitement for this little chiquita!

So... one of my coworkers called and begged another coworker to come in on her vacation to photocopy IDs of people who were going to volunteer with minors (insert police checks and child safety checks). This very tired coworker called me and asked if I'd like to be her BFF (best friend forever) and do the photocopying for her. I am not about working like a dog these days and being the rescue queen but someone is NOT going to work on their vacation on my watch! So I went in to photocopy ID. Easy, right? Well, in my usual way to make drama everywhere in my life, I had a little adventure....

  • The first coworker explained how to photocopy to me. I reassured her that I was ok with photocopying.
  • I started introducing myself to people and asking them for ID to insure that they weren't criminals (well maybe I worded it better). Did I mention that I wasn't wearing my work nametag?
  • I explain to them about what ID will and won't work... one government issued photo ID and one gov't issued ID such as health care, social insurance number, birth certificate. Some were prepared and others didn't know where their health care card was.... isn't that a bit disturbing?
  • I take all the piles to the photocopier and the receptionist shows me the special preprogrammed button for ID... wow, we are advanced!
  • No worries, I am rock 'n rolling.
  • What people are showing up to chat with me? Inside voice: please leave me alone so I make sure the right and proper photocopies happen. Outside voice, "Oh how lovely to see you. How are you?"
  • Then there are about 20 people who need photocopying explained to them and it executed.
  • No worries, now try remembering who belongs to what. Good idea to self: always check the photo ID first. And don't laugh that this guy's first name if Herbert but he goes by John. Your secret's safe with me.
  • Finish off and go home to relax... ignore the fact that you've only been photocopying for one hour!!!

Another day in the fantastically exciting life of Knittinchick.


granola_granny said...

And to think you also have a new BFF as well. Rock on Copy Queen!

Bargainista said...

Way to go Miss Volunteer of the Week! Glad it was you and not me. i don't multitask real well and would probabely have had some woman in the organization as Herbert. Then i would have more than one person as my WFF, (Worst Friend Forever).

MomOfTheCrazies said...

I'm not a big fan of photocopying. For some reason the copier always choses me to re-fill the paper trays and un-jam the paperjam. How nice of you to allow someone to actually spend her vacation time vacationing!