Saturday, July 26, 2008

Train Station House

So... if you want to insert some excitement into a rather normal life, host international students during the summer. Then you will get all sorts of interesting timelines for an 18 hour segment of time such as:

  • going to work early so you can go to the airport on Thursday for an early arrival of Student C, pick her up, get her settled and make sure that she's doing ok
  • have a farewell dinner of waffles and Maple Syrup (something Canadian at least...) for the Student B who is leaving on Friday morning.
  • sleep on the living room floor in a sleeping bag as there is overlap of one night
  • help Student A who is leaving for Banff for a three day weekend... help map out the one-way streets for them with their first international driving adventure
  • drive up to the airport again (hello to all you parking people I haven't seen for fourteen hours) and drop off Student B
  • as you are walking Student B to the group dropoff wonder why you're doing this

BUT... then as you hug the student goodbye, she can't stop thanking you for it... and I realize that my heart has turned over a bit. Yes... that's why I host international students and because they give me some mad money to go visit my sister for Christmas.


happygeek said...

You sent your student to Banff. In your car? Could be fun!

KnittinChick said...

Oh no... not in my car. We let the happy rental people get business from that:-)

MomOfTheCrazies said...

You must spend a lot of time and energy with your students. I'm sure they more than appreciate it!

Missing you and hopefully will see you one of these days once life slows down for us.

Bargainista said...

Hope that you are having fun w. your international students. What a great way to travel to places you could never afford to get to. But then again, maybe you will- with the allowance you are given for keeping them. You'd probabely have a place to stay when you visit them and a tour guide as well!

granola_granny said...

Your students have the best deal! A host family, fun loving friend and organizer extraordinaire all in one person. After which you can go full circle and be a guest with another fun loving 'family' host.