Saturday, July 19, 2008

Respectin' the Professionals

When the lovely naturopathic doctor tells you to take your herbal supplements with food first thing in the morning, she means it. If you try to outsmart her and take them on an empty stomach, you will pay the price. You will not only get acid reflux but it will move with a speed and force that freaks you out in rush hour traffic. You will be turning around and rushing home to get out of your brand new Jones NY suit and disinfect your car. You will then wear another suit to work and never, ever, ever take herbal supplements in a way that goes away from the directions. Trust me on this one!


granola_granny said...

Thanks for the great advice. It's always tempting to try it 'my way' first. Sounds like it didn't quite work for you. Hope you're mostly back to normal.

Bargainista said...

Thanks for the heads-up, so as to speak, on that one.
Now if you'll excuse me i need to take my herbal 'helps'. It's been a busy day, and i forgot. Not to worry. Definitely no empty stomach here.

happygeek said...

Makes for a great start doesn't it?