Sunday, July 6, 2008

A little Adventure

So... summer means water fun, right? Sure does, especially when you have friends who have a boat. Third times the charm with water skiing, right? Not so much. I almost got up yesterday after trying about 15-20 times. Did I mention that....

  • I am very sore today?
  • I almost got up on the water?
  • The four year old gave me advice on how to keep my skiis together?
  • I can barely move today?
  • The eight year old told me that I was almost there?
  • Next time I'm totally getting up on it?

I think that I might be determined to not let that water to overcome me. In the meantime, I can barely move but at least I'll have a good story for the watercooler on Monday.


granola_granny said...

So next time when you DO get up .... DO NOT let go of the rope or fall in the middle of the lake unless you are willing to get up again from the middle of the lake. I can tell that you climbing into the boat from the middle of the lake has its own leverage problems, but being dragged into the boat because you cannot manage to climb in is not only humiliating, it's downright painful.

Bargainista said...

We ARE related! You just have more determination. i remember a staff water skiing party on Okanagan Lake a hundred years ago. i provided laughs for everyone but myself, as i tried and tried and tried to get up and ski.
My memories of it all are painful.
Hope you're moving better tomorrow.