Monday, September 1, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

So... I'm a part of the Spirit Committee at work. I had this great idea that I would help them be more creative and creating a spirit of valuing people there (which is a good thing). I thought that caramel apples might be a nice fall touch for everyone to have on their desk this upcoming week as we serve children and youth at our organization. However, I did not think ahead. Demonstrated by:

  1. Knittinchick suggesting this idea and being the instigator.
  2. Knittinchick reassures everyone that it won't be a problem... we'll just use the crock-pot after work to make them
  3. She forgets to check the recipe before suggesting this. Apparently a crock-pot won't get hot enough for caramel sauce.
  4. She purchases everything on the long weekend for the 40 people who receive a paycheque at her work.
  5. She realizes that she'll have to do it the night before going back to work.
  6. Apparently a large batch of caramel takes a long time to get to the right temperature and consistency (note to self: buy a candy thermometer... those $10 would be well invested)
  7. Start dipping the apples before it is really thick... apparently it will run off the apples and everywhere in the kitchen. Did you know that caramel makes a mess?
  8. Knittinchick does this late at night when you have done a little extra exercise during the day to try and lose some of the 15 pounds and is starting to feel it everywhere in her body.
  9. Knittinchick turns her home into a sweatshop with begging the students to help her pull these messy apples into bags.
  10. Finally all of the apples are bagged up and sitting at the front door. Four baking pans look so pretty but trust me, they are deceiving... they all represent a ton of work!

The good news is that my students have now tasted caramel, know about the tradition of students giving their teacher an apple and Knittinchick is extra committed to losing the pounds. I don't think that I'll ever crave a caramel apple, caramel anything ever again!


happygeek said...

Umm, 40 caramel apples?
Did my dad not ever tell you about the sweatshop he had going to make the apples for D and C's wedding? YOu would have refrained from volunteering.
Glad you got it done!

Bargainista said...

Bless You!!! i can taste those caramel apples and they are worth the effort, that is if you are on the receiving end of the stick!
(i can still taste them from D&C's wedding).
Hope everyone at work is enjoying them today!

granola_granny said...

Yummy Carmel Apples.... I love them and loved the ones at D & C's wedding. Your cousin who lives with us is making 50 for a Harvest Fest at the end of Oct. Maybe I shouldn't let her read your blog. Hope your co-workers appreciated your hard work.

MomOfTheCrazies said...

It's really funny that everyone has mentioned C&D's wedding - it was the first thing that popped into my mind! Let us know how the apples went over at work. Now I'm off to go find me a caramel apple!

Toothfairy Mom said...

I remember the apples from D&C's wedding, unfortunately mine was left behind in a fridge in a seniors complex!! Hmm maybe someone with false teeth enjoyed mine. Still think I might like one, just not sure I want to make one or 40!